Who We Are

Our Mission: To facilitate participative community self-development which honors traditional values while honoring the participation of all men, women and children.

In its 30 years of history, the Institute of Cultural Affairs Peru (ICA-Peru) has contributed effectively, efficiently, and catalytically to the development of urban and rural communities.

ICA-Peru has trained hundreds of professionals, extensionists and local leaders throughout the country, and has implemented pilot projects in over 50 communities in 6 coastal and highland valleys, effectively improving the quality of life of the population.

It’s not the work of ICA-Peru to “pour cement or encouraging paternalism”.
The work of ICA-Peru is and has been, to touch the consciousness of the beneficiaries and to change their attitudes and values through training, motivation and the implementation of demonstration and sustainable projects. In short, the work of ICA-Peru is based on the culture of planning, informing and demonstrating (think, declare, and take action).