Results of the Initiative of Communities in Self-development

At the end of the Implementation Program, the results are very visible and impactful in the communities.

The direct involvement in the development process is around 500 people, and the indirect impact extends to more than 70% of the population of the communities.

Visible Results

  • Prepared leaders are promoting cooperative work in their communities
  • There is a dramatic increase in organized participation in the communities
  • There is a diversification and expansion of the local economy and growth of income for most of the families
  • Nearly all of the population is involved in the growth of their communities
  • Previous conflicts are being overcome by the new common focus on development
  • Sustainable practices and attractive improvements are visible throughout the communities.
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*”Results of the Program” in PDF.
*“Impact of the Leadership Formation done by ICA-Perú” in PDF.

“The objective of the dynamic process of Self-development is to produce visible and impactful results for all of the families.”

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