Productive Networks to promote a Prosperous Community

The objective of the Productive Networks is to involve the entire adult population in the integral development of their community and in the initiation of one or more family businesses in order to double their income in a short time.

We use six Productive Networks which give substantial coverage of the dynamics of most communities, so these Network structures can be easily adapted to the necessities and opportunities of any community.

Below is an example of six Networks which can serve as a base:


Community Production, facilitating new small business initiatives and more services for the community

Capital & Commerce, strengthening and expanding the local commercial economy to provide more services to the community

Productive Agriculture, utilizing sustainable methods to increase crop yields and transform them for value added

Profitable Livestock, utilizing appropriate technology to increase production and transform outputs for added value

Environment and Infrastructure, creating a healthy attractive community and satisfactory homes

Profitable Tourism, promoting authentic local products and services to attract and impact tourists

In our Community Leaders Formation Program we present over 100 viable businesses within the Productive Networks to provide goods and services for local and regional markets, with the objective of substantially increasing family incomes.

In order to implement the self-development of the community, the 30 new leaders are associated with the six Networks to assure their success when they return from the Formation Program in Azpitia.

“The Formation of Productive Networks is a very impactful method for a community to use in order to quickly double family incomes.”

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