Implementation to involve the whole population in the growth of their community

The participants begin their role as leaders in their communities after their formation training for 21 days in the AVANZA PERU program in Azpitia.

The Implementation Program consists of the consultation by two ICA specialists for a period of 4 months, when they back up the new leadership team as they go through the process of involving the whole community in self-development.

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Results of the Implementation of the new community leadership

  • The new leaders are effective development facilitators of their community
  • There is massive community participation in the Community Forums which are facilitated by the new leaders
  • The Community Workdays were impactful and are ongoing community events
  • The Productivity Networks are functioning to expand family incomes and the local economy
  • The new leaders are guiding the development of effective and sustainable community projects.
  • The leadership team expands to include all sectors of the community
“Established leaders in action are the key to long-term sustainable integral development.”

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