Formation of Community Leaders in 21 Days

AVANZA PERU (Peru Advances!)

AP is an intensive program where 30 participants are resident for 21 days.  As part of their formation as leaders, they are trained intensively in the following themes:

  • Confidence in personal effectiveness
  • Strategies of integral development
  • Motivation of a strong work ethic
  • Expansion of the family and local economy
  • Productive team work
  • Sustainable agricultural practices
  • Transformation of local production for added value
  • Leadership methods for obtaining a community consensus
  • Recovery and valuing of the cultural roots of the community
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This profound formation of leaders in 21 days takes place in the demonstration community of Azpitia, and utilizes the proprietary ToP methods of the ICA.

“Forming awakened leaders is the way to integral, sustainable community self-development for the long term.”

The ToP Method

The Technology of Participation ToP is a series of proprietary ICA methods developed beginning in the 1950s.

In 1971, the ICA in Chicago USA assigned 200 people to a systematic investigation of the Social Process in the principal world cultures, developing from this research the Social Process Triangles.

A simplified version is shown here:

The ToP methods were designed to return equilibrium to the Social Process and maintain the balance between the dynamics at every level.

ToP has been applied extensively in many communities and organizations in over 40 countries, and has recognition from entities of the United Nations.

The AVANZA PERU program is the principal vehicle for teaching the ToP methods in Peru, oriented toward the formation of volunteer leader/promoters, confident and prepared to guide their communities in sustainable integral self-development.

“Producing new community leaders in 21 days.”

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