Azpitia – Demonstration Community for the Whole Nation

Azpitia Project --The Human Development
Project in Azpitia was the first ICA project of
self-development in Peru.

National Prize -- Azpitia gained national
recognition in 1984 by winning the “Bronze
Shovel” award as the most accomplished
community in Peru.

Many Advances -- Real accomplishments are visible today in agricultural technology,
effective organization, appropriate tourism and a strong local economy.

Self-Development -- This model community of self-development was built entirely by the people of Azpitia without outside financial aid.

Replicable Method -- The method of development used was the formation of committed leaders who then facilitated the formation of the working economic and social associations which built the community.

ICA-Perú now has a residential Training Center in Azpitia to use the demonstration power of this community for the formation of leaders from communities nationwide.

“This process of self-sufficient development is applicable in all of the communities of Peru.”

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